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Our top five observations so far

Our top five observations so far

We launched the  job board exactly two months ago without fanfare. We are sharing our experiences based on the advertisements we have seen so far. If you are an employer, professional in Human Resources, and/or simply interested in improving your recruitment process this may be of interest to you.

Our top five observations

  1. All job vacancies listed on our job board were viewed by at least one or more prospective candidates (100% viewership). 
  2. 84% of all vacancies listed had one or more application sent to the employer (84% response rate). 
  3. The average number of views for each vacancy listing was 21 (on average 21 candidates viewed each advertisement - remember we only started recently and growing daily and all you need is the right candidate to see it!).
  4. 15% of the companies had no response to their advert  - this is lower than traditional media though  (more on that later in future posts as to why - a lot of it is due to the advertisement itself).
  5. Faster recruitment cycle. The fastest application by a candidate was 3 minutes after a job was listed, and the fastest hire by an employer was 1 working day..see below.  

In reality, these are from YOUR experiences we are merely reporting these.  We have been humbled to hear about us making a difference for employers and in turn candidates who are fellow Fijians.

A story to share

Here's a win-win that we would like to share. A job listing was placed on the site on a Saturday.  The vacancy was viewed by a candidate and they applied for the role on next day (Sunday). The candidate was shortlisted and interviewed and offered the role on Monday! That's the shortest time frame we are aware of in a full recruitment cycle.

Okay, not a big deal we hear you say. And, you could well be right however as we said in a previous article, we are fans of Einstein's definition of insanity - "doing the same thing and expecting different results".  We think we are onto something more than a hunch when an average of over 25 applications are sent daily from our job board - from a standing start. And besides, isn't it a cost to the business to carry a vacancy for a long time?

A recent survey found

In our recent survey we gained interesting insights into candidate behaviour. 58% of the people relied solely on digital/internet when seeking job opportunities. So put another way, if you are advertising job vacancies through traditional media eg. newspapers, then the chances are that it is only reaching 42% of the potential candidates.

Which leads us to the big question incorporating Einstein's definition of 'insanity' :

If digital is the future for business everywhere else - why not in Fiji...?