Questions and Answers - For Job Seekers


Q. Why did you call the site MyJobsFiji? 

A. We are so glad you asked! MyJobsFiji was a play on words with the iTaukei word “mai” meaning come (here). Since the website brings you the latest job straight into your pocket- “mai jobs Fiji “ or “my Jobs fiji “ seemed like a nice affectionate name ❤️ don’t you think?

Q. What is the purpose of a job board like ?
A. A job board is a place where employers can post job vacancies and candidates can search for jobs that meet their criteria.

Q. Does it cost anything to sign up to
A. Absolutely nothing! It’s free for candidates to register, load CVs and apply for a vacancy.

Q. Hmmm so what is the catch?
A. No catch !! The website is absolutely free for candidates.! In future there may be new services that we offer that may be for a fee BUT the basic service of searching and applying for jobs will always be FREE!

Q. Do I have to download an app to use MyJobsFiji on my phone?
A. No, Sa sega, nahi ! Aren’t you lucky...the MyJobsFiji job board is what we call a “responsive” website. What this means is that - it adjusts and behaves like an app whether you open the website on your phone or tablet.

Q. Does the website look different if I use a computer as opposed to a phone?
A. Accessing the website from phone and computer is almost the same except for one large difference!
If you are on the computer, on the left-hand side pane at the bottom - there is a button called “jobs” in the Facebook Link. If you press this button and wait for a few microseconds - magic happens. All the jobs from would magically appear on Facebook! Don’t trust us - give it a try and see for yourself.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. A valid email that you can use to set up a job seeker account. We suggest you use a gmail or yahoo account.

Q. How many job seeker accounts do i need?

A Just one! And if you create multiple accounts, our system detects it and will delete ALL your existing accounts. You wil need to start all over to set up an account again.

WHY USE MYJOBSFIJI (Other than because we have Job listings!)

Q1. What is the advantage of applying for jobs through the MyJobsFiji site?

A. Well, where to begin - let’s see :
a. You don’t need to find an envelope and post your application in a mailbox as it’s all online and paperless
b. You can apply anytime and from anywhere! Use the laptop, phone or a tablet (like an iPad )
c. Meeting application deadlines is easy as all you need is a phone
d. We are tailored for Fiji – we want to put Fiji on the map – literally.

Q2. I see there is a map of Fiji on What is it’s purpose?
A. The map shows where the jobs are! We are excited about this feature as it shows you in one glance where the jobs are. It lets you see visually where the jobs are and to make informed decisions before applying for them.

Q3. So it’s just a map no big deal... right?
A. Well actually not just a map - keep pointing and pushing  the map until there is a red location guide and it opens up the job description- magic !! Go ahead and try it

Q4. Are my data and personal details secure and safe online? I’m paranoid about being hacked and stolen!
A. Our data is secure and firewalls safeguard it from cyber attack. The data is hosted in Microsoft Azure using European standard so you can relax! Nothing is guaranteed in life but we are proud of and take cyber security very seriously.

Q5. Will my employers be able to see my profile? I don’t want any embarrassment!
A. Once you have registered online with you can have your profile hidden from employers. There is a checkbox to click and make your profile invisible to others!

Q6. The registration process seems complicated!
A. The more time your spend doing your profile - the better it is for you. It’s a one-time effort that will pay off in the long run. Applying for jobs would be easy-peasy with a nicely completed personal profile. And if you get stuck you can always message us for help.

 3. HOW DO I PREPARE A CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume)

Q1. What does a CV normally have?
A. Your CV is a document that tells about your goals, education, experience, referees.

Q2. Do I need to prepare a CV?
A. Some employers prefer you to have a CV so it’s best to have one.

Q3. How do I create or make a CV?
A. We will have some templates on our job site that you can use as a guide. You will need a computer with word processing program like Word.

Q4. How long should be my CV?
A. The CV should not be any more than 5 pages long. It depends on your qualifications and experiences that you include. It should have important items that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. Most roles will have a two page (maximum) CV.

Q5. I have been working for a long time - do I include details of every job that I have worked?
A. No, if your earlier work history is not relevant then do not include in detail in the CV. Employers are human beings like us and do not have time to read items that are not relevant.

Q6. What should I look out for to have a nice CV?
A. Make sure the CV is factually accurate, there are no spelling mistakes and no grammatical errors. Get a friend or maybe 2 friends to read your CV and read it for any errors or things you should either add or remove. A fresh pair of eyes is always good to see the CV before you load it to the job site for job applications.

Q7. Can I have more than one type of CV?
A. Sure! The job site allows you to have a number of CV’s that you can load on the job site. You can have a CV for instance that is relevant for finance officer and another for say sales rep.

Q8. I am interested in domestic duties? Do I need a CV?
A. Umm well, a CV is really there to sell your skills to a potential employer. So it’s best to write down your skills and experience so that you stand out from the rest!

Remember, a good CV helps you get the interview - it’s the first step in getting you your dream job.


Q1. How do I apply for jobs that I see on
A. You will need to sign up on this job site. Then click on "Apply Now" and upload a cover letter and a CV. It’s quite easy to do. If you need help email us

Q2. Do I need to have an employer’s email address when applying for a job?
A. There is a button “apply now “ next to each job listing - you click on this and apply for any role that interests you. The employer’s email is hidden out of sight in the background.
Q3. How many jobs can I apply for?
A. You can apply for as many jobs as you wish! But, you should apply for roles that interest you and for which you have the skills, experience and qualifications.

Q4. Can I get notified about new jobs on the site?
A. MyJobsFiji is a smart job site with lots of features. It basically works for you - so, you can set up alerts when setting up your profile

Q5. For what jobs alerts are possible?
A. You can set as many different alerts as possible. For instance, you can set up an alert to get notified of jobs posted:
    a. by your favourite employer
    b. for a role e.g.. barman,
    c. that are in a particular geographical area eg. jobs in Labasa or Suva
    d. daily or weekly

Q6. Where and when are the job alerts sent?
A. Alerts are sent to your  do keep an eye on them. Every time a job that meets your alert criteria is posted on our job site - you will be notified. It's like it carrying a personal assistant in your pocket! So all you need is a smartphone that has your email and you can relax...wait for job alerts to keep you update. Never miss a job opportunity!

Q7. Do I have to complete a new profile every time I apply for a job?
A. No, that’s the smart thing about this job site. Once a profile is created and you have fully signed up - you can happily apply for jobs without much effort!

Q8. How do I know that the jobs listed are not expired?
A. All the jobs that we list have an automatic expiry date based on when the company to define as a deadline. So if you can see the job on the website - it’s still not yet expired

Q9. Will I see jobs for office type only? What about work such as electrician, plumber or housekeeper?
A. We designed MyJobsFiji as a one-stop shop for all types of jobs. You might need to wait for newspapers to look for jobs - but we have to educate the employers to post all types of jobs on this website. So go and spread the word.!!


Q1. What happens after I apply for a job?
A. The employer receives your application and then considers your suitability for the role. If you meet the employer’s criteria - you will be shortlisted and asked to come for an interview.

Q2. What if I don’t get any notifications or message after I have applied
A. Ideally, you should receive an acknowledgement from an employer. However, if you don’t - please don’t despair. Be positive and keep applying for other roles. Sadly, we cannot force all employers to acknowledge all applications and some state they won’t contact unsuccessful applicants.

OA3. I am quite nervous about facing interviews. Can you help?

A. Standby we have lots of tips to share regarding job search strategies as well as interviews. Stand by for more information.