Questions and Answers - Employers


Q1.What is the purpose of a job board like
A. A job board is a place where employers can post job vacancies and candidates can search for jobs that meet their criteria.

Q2. Does it cost employers anything to sign up to
A. Absolutely nothing! It’s free for employers to register, load CVs and apply for a vacancy.

Q3. Hmmm so what is the catch?
A. No catch!! The website is absolutely free for employers as well as candidates.! In future there may be new services that we offer that may be for a fee

Q4. Do I have to download an app to use MyJobsFiji on my phone?
A. No, the job board is what we call a “responsive” website. What this means is that - it adjusts and behaves like an app whether you open the website on your phone or tablet.

Q5. Does the website look different if I use a computer as opposed to a phone?
A. Accessing the website from phone and computer is almost the same except for one large difference when using Facebook! On the left-hand side pane at the bottom - there is a button called “jobs” in the Facebook Link. All the jobs from are linked to and appear in Facebook – reaching more people! Don’t trust us - give it a try and see for yourself.

Q6. How can we post a job vacancy?
A. There are two parts to this – Part A and Part B below. The first part is a one off – you will not have to do this again.

Part A – Creating a profile of your business or individual as required.

Register the name of business or employer. You can tell a brief history or purpose of the business.
- If you have a logo you can load it.
- write the location that is close enough for google maps to find it
- the email you enter will be the one where job applications will be sent to you
- be sure to press “save” before you exit the page

Part B – Posting the job vacancy

Now you can post everything about the job vacancy. To attract good candidates and to NOT to waste your and candidate’s time - make sure you have at minimum details of the role and what skills, experience that is required for the job such as:

- duties that are critical for the role
- skills & qualifications
- education and experience

And, you aren’t limited on what you want to put down. In fact cut and paste from your desktop draft if you wish.

2. WHY USE MYJOBSFIJI (Other than because we have Candidates!)?

Q1. What is the advantage of placing job vacancies through the MyJobsFiji site?
A. Well, where to begin - let’s see:
a. We are tailored for Fiji – we put your vacancy Fiji on the map – literally!
b. There are no deadlines – you post anytime you wish
c. You can post a vacancy from any device! Use a laptop, phone or a tablet (like an iPad )
d. No waiting for the mail person to deliver envelopes – as all applications are received via email and also on the www.myjobsfiji website.
e. A personal dashboard on the www.myjobsfiji provides real time stats on how effective the advert has been. So, you will know…how many people read the vacancy. Be warned….it can get quite addictive watching the stats change.
f. The employer profile is a good way to increase profile of our business.
g. Ensure longevity of your advert. – because it stays there for someone to access then you are more likely to reach a wider /bigger audience.
h. Job adverts are linked instantly to our Facebook page

Q2. I see there is a map of Fiji on What is it’s purpose?
A. The map shows where the jobs are! We are excited about this feature as it shows you in one glance where the jobs are. That’s why we say that “we put your vacancy” on the map.

Q3. So it’s a map no big deal... right?
A. Well actually not just a map - keep pointing and pushing the map until there is a red location guide and it opens the job description- almost magic! Go ahead and try it.

Q4.Are my data and personal details secure and safe online? I’m paranoid about being hacked and stolen!
A. Our data is secure and firewalls safeguard it from cyber-attack. The data is hosted in Microsoft Azure using European standard so you can relax! Nothing is guaranteed in life but we are proud of and take cyber security very seriously.

Q5.The registration process seems complicated!
A. The more time you spend doing your profile - the better it is for you. It’s a one-time effort that will pay off in the long run. Posting a job is pretty straight forward next time.
And if you get stuck you can always message us for help.

Q6. What else is there n ?

A. i. Well, is a smart website. It has a full workflow in the background that allows you to post a vacancy ->receive applications -> shortlist candidates and basically manage the recruitment processes. But it's up to you to use.

    ii.It’s a “responsive” website. What this means is that - it adjusts and behaves like an app whether you open the website on your phone or tablet.

Q7. How is MyJobsFiji different from others and traditional media (which has a place) - and how will it benefit me as an employer?
A. i. There are several advantages ...
    ii.No deadlines - you can post a job listing anytime!
   iii.There might be candidates there already for you to tap – we have a feature (if ticked by the candidate) that a Resume can be seen by an employer.
   iv. Instant live listing - the vacancy listing goes live almost instantly and can be edited instantly as well (we all make mistakes).
    v. Multiple devices can be used for accessing www.MyJobsFiji (smart phone, tablet or a computer)
   vi. Wider reach – is what does best. We can reach almost anyone, anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connection and a mobile device
  vii. Easy to apply for jobs - candidates nowadays have embraced new technologies and are more likely to respond to job advertisements that are posted on digital job boards like MyJobsFiji
  viii. Longer campaign - vacancy listings are online for up to 30 days – more chance to get a return for your effort and money (though we are free!)

Q9. What is the publishing deadlines for the adverts?
A. There is no deadline for the posting a job listing. You can post anytime you feel like - so you are in charge!

Q10.When does the listing go “live” for candidates to view the listing?
A. The listing goes live as soon as they are reviewed and given the green light – usually less than10 minutes

Q11. Is there a word limit for the listing?
A. No! There is no limit for the length of the vacancy listings. Keep it neutral tone and with sufficient details to help candidates.

Q12. Can I attach a position description for the vacancy?
A. Absolutely! You can upload a job description and even a website link for job descriptions

Q13. How will be I be notified about applications received from candidates?
A. You will receive an email notification regarding any new applications.  Simply login to and view the dashboard, review applications received and prepare a shortlist.

Well go ahead - Toso and try us!