About us


We are from  Fiji and have seen first hand the professional benefits that the Internet age provides in terms of coverage and reach and equally the levelling of the playing field that this brings. The internet also brings a whole new way of thought and process and forces a mindset change to the way talent and people are recruited. 

We wanted to bring that to Fiji and not only connect but move Fiji forward in sync with the rest of the world.


As our website logo states - "we want to Connect Fiji together". Our vision is to ensure that employers and job seekers in Fiji get the best "connecion" to find each other. Whether you are in the big cities and towns or in Matei ,Taveuni or Korovou ,Tailevu you should be able to log in, look up and find the job of your choice. 


Human Resouces as a profession is important in and for Fiji. The value of good talent and the right people being further recognised and therefore good Human Resource practice is vital. We also believe that the recruitment process should be simplified for employers particularly HR professionals. There is a large time and cost investment for a process that relies on a single or at least limited source of communication of roles which basically means the recruitment is from a limited and well-tapped (limited) pool. We think our site is a way of helping break down these challenges and barriers in a small way and makes the professional life of those responsible for hiring that much easier.

Log in with three steps - no easier than that - candidate or employer.


This is of critical importance to us and we believe a big advantage of using our service rather than reliance on your own security even if you have your own job vacancy portal. We have servers that are backed up and hosted using European security and privacy protocols and standards. We use corporate standard  SSL certificates so all traffic between us and you are secure (as best as we can).

We do not have access to the passwords or the communications you might have with a candidate/ employer. The only information we have is what you put in for candidates to see if you are an employer. If you are a candidate and choose to share your Resume (and you tick that option) then naturally it is visible for all to see - including us.

Vei Lomani / Love one another