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Fiji: Candidate shortage OR just hard to find?

Fiji: Candidate shortage OR just hard to find?

Paradoxically, whilst we see driver, beverage staff, cashiers or construction jobs re-advertised we also receive daily messages; “I need a job [sic.] help”, “I am looking for a job as cashier” or "What is a CV?". Our summary conclusion is, therefore - “both”.

This makes the job of employers and busy Human Resource Departments that much tougher. Whilst factors such as; labour mobility, availability work, education and information flow are common bottlenecks we can play our part. We share some suggestions ("Tips") based on analytics from our web platform.

TIP #1. Don't let the circumstances define you: Specifically, here we refer to your hiring process but it applies to anything else. Consider Einstein’s definition of insanity - “doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”  How many of us are guilty of doing it the way we have always done it and then when it doesn't work being surprised. Think about how many times you have readvertised - in the same medium at great cost? 

TIP #2. There are at least half a million Fijians with internet/email access: What have you done to reach them over traditional (print) media ?

TIP #3. Be different: Related to Tip 1 we know but subtly different. Branding extends beyond a logo. As businesses, we have great aspirations - "To be bold" to "hire the best" ours is to connect Fiji together. What have you done in your own role(s) to be live by your organisation's aspirations? If you never try you never know.

TIP #4. Be Bold: In a candidate short market, candidates have a choice to join you or not or your organisation or you might not have the big name profile to attract them. How are you ensuring you are hiring the best and those who meet with your aspirations - are you killing their enthusiasm with the "usual"  put another way, going to the same (shallow) talent pool?

Table: Our (humble) suggestions if you are looking for ideas based on observations to date from our site :

Lastly, how are we following our own message?

We have designed a platform that alleviates some of the issues:

For candidates, we have tailored daily job alerts! The alerts match the type of work the job seekers are searching and are sent a list of matching jobs to their email each day. We are currently composing handy tips for CV preparation and cover letters. These will be sent out shortly.

For employers, we provide a database of CVs to browse for candidates, unlimited wording/description of the job and no deadline for listing the vacancy. Employers can post anytime, from anywhere and for a longer duration than 5 days (can be 60 if you wish). What is more, an employer dashboard provides analytics on the effectiveness of the job advert. The job adverts are cross-promoted across various social media forums to expand the reach.

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