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The Hard to Fill Roles : Our observations

The Hard to Fill Roles : Our observations

Through the jobs placed on our job platform, we are able to analyse not only the number of visits, applications and alerts by candidates we are also able to carefully analyse the database of advertisements. This article is about occupations that are seemingly hard to fill in Fiji yet despite this, some organisations are still successful in hiring these hard to fill roles. We have been promising to write about our observations of "good" advertisements - and we promise we will do so in a later post. Meanwhile, let's focus on the hardest vacancies to fill. 

Hardest Vacancies to Fill in Fiji?

Here is the list based on our analysis:

1. Drivers - yes drivers!. Whether they are Class 2 or Class 6+  passenger levels we find that these vacancies tend to be advertised for longer and go unapplied for.

2. Chefs - Commis /Demi/ Sous - any title  - we find they do not seem to get filled readily. 

3. Food & Beverage Specialists - we say specialists in that role that are not waiting and serving staff but those that are required to mix drinks, manage the function etc.

The list we should say is compiled on the basis of a combination of;  length of time advertised, number of times (re) advertised, the volume of applications received if any, ignoring the geographical location and noting the frequency of roles advertised. In a future post in addition to writing about good advertisements we have seen we can talk about the "easy to source" roles.

So, how does your organisation compare?  Your thoughts and views are always welcome. Get in touch