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Employers is this True or False?

Employers is this True or False?

We recently got an email from an employer. Now, before you read on, please bear in mind we cannot and do not want to control who applies. Our mission is to expose opportunities for candidates and employers and this situation would apply we believe to any method of advertisement. 

Having said that, we strongly feel that being part of the Fiji business and  HR community it is our professional obligation to address issues if we can. It is also why we have made a previous blog and other posts and provide advice to candidates and employers to bring some light to the situation(s).

The email in question from a Suva employer:

" Once again thank you for giving companies like us an opportunity to advertise... We are not having much luck finding the right applicant either same ones apply or from the West. We even tried one from Navua and he was falling asleep at work, other one came and worked for a few days then advised his uncle has offered a full-time job as he now has gained some experience (!) ????.  

What is happening in this country and new generation graduating when  we are finding most have no clues on work ethics and some think they are still in school and after working few days they even start taking time off to go off to West with friends. I wish there was some sort of training given to all students in final year of  high school then Universities to prepare them for workforce, oh and another thing is they cannot stay without mobiles and online chats.

Apologies for my email but I believe as an employer offering great opportunities  we need to get our feedback across."

What are your thoughts?

1. Is this something you have come across and fair comment?

2. How have you resolved this? And, depending on your previous answer(s)

3. What can we do as a business community alongside tertiary and other institutions?

As always we value your input in the discussion and share to make a collective improvement for all including candidates. We will write a later article after hearing your opinions.