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5 Reasons why your Job advertisements are failing

5 Reasons why your Job advertisements are failing

Let’s face it, candidates are human just like us and they have feelings too. Yes,  a reminder is needed of the obvious.  The key reason often stated is because you have not “sold” the job properly. What’s in it for me? Why should a candidate join your organisation? If you can't sell the job to yourself and not passionate about the product (your organisation) then it will come out. Even more sadly, we found there are a number of organisations that get NO views (yes! that's right). Remembering that our website gets about 120,000 eyeballs on them a month.

We can't be sure which one is yours - but here are 5 possible reasons ...

#1. Perceived negative reputation of your organisation. No good just having a logo if your brand is not known or worse, negatively perceived. We can tell by the applications (or lack of) of organisations that are consistently shunned.

#2Candidates are switched off by your organisation. It’s possible they applied for roles and didn’t even receive acknowledgement letters despite advertising regularly. We wrote about candidate care here

#3. Lack of talent for the role you are looking for. This one is obvious. If you are looking for an astronaut they are hard to find. Then again......why don't you train one?

#4.  process is just "too hard". We found that generally adverts that asked "hand deliver" or "" or "walk up" are generally not well received by job seekers. Who will '" to you in Viria (no offence to Viria of course but you get our point!).

#5. Short expiry. Asking for a candidate to apply within three days. Candidates get the sense you are not serious and the advertisement is probably there for some other reason other than hiring the best.

We hope your organisation does not fall into of these (*).

So, what is the answer to your advert performance...send us a message for the team at MyJobsFiji to help you! We think we have solutions to these.

*With over 150,000 monthly views we have seen certain organisations advertisements not get a single view. Yet other advertisements get 5,000 .