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MyJobsFiji Launch Function

MyJobsFiji Launch Function


Here is the presentation from our  launch event last week.  We share observations from what we have learnt from being digital in Fiji. Most of all we share our aspirations for all Human Resources staff to collaborating and perhaps even creating a digital culture that not only benefits Fiji but creates a future Google or Amazon.  We hope that the event allowed the opportunity for ongoing dialogue and networking and look forward to collaborating online and face to face at the next event soon.

Launch Event

We had our successful launch event at the Tanoa Plaza in Suva. We had a number of organisations attend and it was wonderful to share thoughts ideas and issues in a friendly atmosphere with HR and business professionals. What was readily evident  is that the Human Resource staff are determined to contribute to their organisations and the profession of Human Resources in Fiji. The challenges faced are varied from retention to turnover and what was also interesting were some of the innovative ways these have been tackled. We probably met the hardest working group of HR people that we have known.

We from MyjobsFiji shared some of our observations from a "big data" point of view and shared what ultimately is our ambition for Fiji. We think the 4th Industrial Revolution is a real opportunity that is validated by the Infosys Report. Importantly HR is in prime position to influence this. At a micro level we focused on for instance the quality of candidates applying, the attention to detail the writing style etc..and how this needs a lot of work.
Many of these observations  were validated by the practitioners attending. We would have thought after receiving over 2500 applications that some candidates would have been found through the platform. It was heartening to hear that a number of candidates had been sourced from MyjobsFiji. Let's get Fiji connected!