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Applying for a job? :  Here are 5 Tips  

Applying for a job? :  Here are 5 Tips  

 So you have seen a job and which appeals to you...pause!

Applying for a job is perhaps like playing darts - throwing lots of darts without practice and hoping to hit the bullseye is not a likely winning strategy.

 Here are our tips:

 1. Read the job description carefully- underline/ highlight the main tasks and the minimum requirements in terms of skills/education.

 2. Review your resume assess your skills, education, and experiences against 1 above.

3. Match the job vacancy advert against your resume. Make an honest assessment - how well is the job fit for your experience, education and skills.

 So you have passed your own self-assessment...and think you are ready to apply for the job.  

4. Read the instructions carefully on “How to apply for the job” within the advertisement including noting the deadlines. 

5. Attach a cover letter that addresses the job, Resume/CV, Certificates (if requested) – if not state available on request or interview.

The Human Resources Manager  (or hiring manager) is human and reacts the same way as us.  Don’t send incomplete applications nor attach irrelevant documents. Always assume they have received 100 applications and yours needs to stand out for the right reasons.  Put it another way if the Human Resources Manager receives 100 applicants,  why should (s)he not reject yours purely because you have not followed instructions?.

 Good luck.