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Advertise where the people are....

Advertise where the people are....

So you are looking for staff and have had a "hard time" finding "good ". We hear those words over and over from CEOs, managers and HR professionals. And, we see them post vacancies/ job opportunities over and over in traditional media. One company reposted a larger advert in the newspaper when a smaller one brought no job applications.  So "what's wrong with " you ask...? 

Ummm, actually nothing is wrong unless you have loads of cash to burn listing jobs on places where candidates no longer "hang out" and having your clients constantly bugging you. Nearly 60% of job seekers look for jobs online via job boards or social media sites.

The message is clear if you are looking for talent - "post jobs where the candidates are". 

Here's what digital media offers over traditional media...

1. Wider reach - anyone with a smartphone can view job vacancies posted online.

2. Faster response - allowing candidates to apply instantly and for you to receive them. No response means a "re-do" the advertisement.

3. Cost-effective - digital media has a lower cost per person reach. 

4. Receive applications online in digital format - get applications delivered to your laptop/phone ready to filter in the one spot 

5. Modify listings anytime - post adverts anytime (online adverts can be modified anytime for a better response).

6. No deadlines - no 3 pm deadline means you can post when it suits you - any time, any day.  

7. Meet the demographic that is Fiji - 69% of Fijians are under 40...what do you think they actually read daily?

Don't fall into the insanity loop of "doing the same thing and expecting different results". Job seekers are increasingly looking at different ways of looking for vacancies.  Networking and digital media are replacing the traditional flipping through the papers. People are time poor and busy - but everyone has a smartphone and are "connected"!