Sailax Shipping Vacancies

Sailax Shipping and Freight Forwarding Ltd is an international freight forwarder, customs broker and logistics provider that has a proud history of delivering innovative solutions to our customers. We are very proud to be a 100% New Zealand owned company, with strong family values and philosophies. The company has been built on a solid commitment to offering all clients a high level of service backed by staff & managers who care for your business, Our commitment, "Doing what we say we will do", has created an enviable reputation that all at Sailax Shipping and Freight Forwarding are very proud of.

Sailax Shipping and Freight Forwarding Ltd was founded in 2005. The company was an independent freight forwarder/ customs broker focusing on delivering high quality service to enhance its clients businesses. Our background is in Customs Brokerage, but being innovative and hands on are real strengths that means nothing is too hard to achieve, or a problem. 

After operating for nearly 7 years, Sailax Shipping and Freight Forwarding Ltd is a company that has seen many changes in the economy and the way importation and exportation is handled. We have seen the change from manual written customs entries with import licenses to the introduction of word processors, computers and to the current EDI software and almost paperless society. Throughout these years we have been influential in these changes at many levels with Customs, MAF and the various industry bodies.

We have international agents who trade with us from more than 230 cities from around the World in over 80 countries. Our associates enable us to help provide a large number of services & options to meet our client requirements.