Housing Authority

Housing Authority’s philosophy is encapsulated in its “Vision of Helping Fijians Own Affordable Homes” this is not only embedded in our core business but in the Authority’s work culture. We as an organization believe the we would be able to achieve our Vision through our Mission, which is to provide access to Housing solutions for all Fijians through:

  1. The development of affordable fully serviced lots & construction of homes/units.
  2. The provision of affordable home loan packages to our low income customers.
  3. Building happy communities.

The Authority has set a new strategic direction which illustrates the level of commitment that the Authority has in providing ordinary fijians with a home. There has been a re-alignment in our core function with emphasis being placed on Land Development and house construction. This coupled withstrong values that is entrenched within our organisational culture will enable us to achieve our strategy:

  1. We will encounter all challenges to be the leader in housing.
  2. We will provide excellent services promptly, effectively and courteously.
  3. We will be innovative in meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders.
  4. We will understand, appreciate and involve all staff.
  5. We will do business in a transparent, ethical and honest manner.

Housing Authority having regard to the requirements of both the Housing Act and the Public Enterprises Act have identified a number of specific commercial and social objectives which would enable the Authority to operate as a successful housing institution. This would assist in meeting the Government’s housing policies as well as its social objectives.