Nature's Way Cooperative

Nature’s Way Cooperative (NWC) (Fiji) Ltd was established in 1995 to carry out mandatory quarantine treatment on Fijian fruit and vegetables under the Bilateral Quarantine Agreement (BQA) established with importing countries. After over 20 years, NWC is now a thriving agribusiness providing treatment, grading, packing and technical services to both its exporter and grower members. Initially a small enterprise handling just 30 tonnes of papaya each year, NWC now treats and packs around 1000 tonnes of papaya, mango, breadfruit and eggplant annually. NWC business revolves around the treatment of BQA commodities before shipment for export using the (HTFA) technology. The exporters, who are cooperative members, buy their products for exports from farmers who are also cooperative members and bring it to NWC for treatment and packing before shipment overseas