Revolution Paint and Panel Pty Ltd


Revolution Paint & Panel Commercial Vehicle Services

Revolution Paint & Panel’s commercial vehicle services to manage all  repair work efficiently and effectively. With over 20 years of experience in repairing and reconditioning boats, cranes, dozers, & many more types of industrial and commercial machinery.

Our state-of-the-art truck services repair shop is perfectly suited for your fleet and truck repair needs. Our facility is equipped with Masterbooth bays that can fit smaller vehicles as well as larger industrial equipment. Revolution Paint & Panel has built its reputation on providing quality vehicle fleet services and repairs in a convenient location.

Sandblasting Service

 Sandblasting is an effective way to fully clean your machinery to keep it free from rust or corrosion. We have a dedicated sandblasting booth furnished with modern BLASTEC equipment to attend to all your painting requirements, so your truck and fleet vehicle services won’t be disrupted. Our decades of experience and knowledge of the paint industry means we will produce a superior quality clean finish at a bargain price.

Spray Painting Brisbane

We have a 16m & a 20m Masterbooth stall as well as an open-faced booth for larger machinery. Our spray-painting techniques are up to date to ensure you get an amazing finish regardless of manufacturer.