China Railway First Group Fiji Co Pte Ltd

  • 16 Crompton Place Samabula

China Railway First Group Co Pte Ltd., (CRFG) founded in May of 1950, is a core
member of China Railway Group Limited in the Fortune Global 500 companies.
CRFG possesses the super-grade qualification of general contracting for railway and
highway engineering, first grade qualification of general contracting for municipal
engineering & house building engineering, first grade qualification of professional
contracting for railway track laying engineering, highway pavement engineering,
tunnel engineering & bridge engineering, specialised qualification for urban mass
transit engineering, bridge construction, airports & runways, dredging and land
reclamation In recent years, the company has been implementing diversification and globalisation
strategies as well as finance and investment.
After 60 years of development, both the business scale and technological innovation of
the company have taken the lead in the industry.

China Railway First Group (Fiji) Company Limited is registered as a foreign
investment company in Fiji on the 15th December, 2008 and the construction of the
Naqali Bridge was the company’s pilot project and with about nine (9) years’ working
experience in Fiji.