DIVA for Equality

DIVA for Equality fights for human rights and social, economic, ecological and climate justice for all.

DIVA’s growing reputation as a credible organisation supporting women, girls and Pacific Islanders of diverse SOGISEC has been recognised not just in Fiji but across the Pacific and globally.

We prioritise grounded research and analysis, practical information-sharing, support and accompaniment across a region that has many women activists isolated and outside mainstream women’s social movements, and we are part of the change.

DIVA has national and regional LGBTQI+, feminist and wider human rights networks with whom we work closely and actively throughout the Pacific small island states, in-person before the COVID19 pandemic and now online - through seven major listserves across 22 PSIDS states and territories, 4 of which we maintain and moderate.

We also moderate a confidential, closed online regional platform of LBTQ+ activists that actively shares resources and information and co-moderate the LGBT Pacific online Facebook group, and the public ‘Pacific Urgent Action Hub for Ecological Justice’ with around 3,000 public members.