Swire Shipping is a leading provider of specialist customer solutions for a wide range of cargo and aims to provide a full suite of land and ocean solutions to our customers. Our significant investment in innovation and new technology underpins our commitment to deliver agile, best-in-class logistics experiences, and new customer-centric services to our customers.

For 150 years, Swire Shipping has helped customers all over the world achieve shipping and supply chain efficiencies with our sustainable and innovative shipping and landside solutions. We are dedicated to facilitating and growing trade in regions where we operate, and to building long-term, sustainable partnerships with our customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. With an unrelenting commitment to customer service, operational excellence and reliability, Swire Shipping is committed to saving our customers’ time.

Swire Shipping enjoys a rich heritage; at 150 years, we are the oldest operating entity of the Swire group. We started out as The China Navigation Company (CNCo) in 1872, operating paddle steamers on China’s Yangtze River. Swire Shipping was then the brand name for CNCo’s liner shipping services.

Over the years, the Swire Shipping brand has become synonymous with being a leader in providing sustainable liner shipping services in the Asia-Pacific. In October 2021, CNCo was renamed Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd. as part of a strategy to streamline our brands, and present customers and stakeholders with a consistent and unified experience. The China Navigation name is an important part of our heritage and remains the name of our holding company in the UK where we are called The China Navigation Company Ltd.