Streamline Business Fiji Pte Limited

Founded in 2004, Streamline Business Group has grown steadily with the emergence of new companies and solutions, and accelerating revenue growth. The next step is under way: geographical expansion and the ongoing development of an ecosystem of brands that will extend Streamline’s “better together” ethos to broader markets.

Founder and CEO Craig Pellett is in expansion mode. His target is the next wave of ambitious business-builders who share the group’s passion for success and have what Craig describes as “entrepreneurial flair” in their DNA. He’s looking for businesses that will complement Streamline’s portfolio and benefit from its highly automated and efficient shared services. Perhaps most important is an orientation towards collaboration and joint success.

“When we’re talking with potential new members of the group, the bottom line is a consideration, but it is far from the only one,” Craig says. “At least as important is a picture of where people can go with us. Commercial success comes from allowing people to flourish. When one of us wins, we all win.”
The group offers incoming partners more than 20 years of experience in corporate governance and in nurturing entrepreneurs and their companies to their potential.

If teamwork is your style and you want to do exceptional work with great people, it’s time to talk.