Channa Charaka

We are a Company providing Engineering solutions, Water Solutions, Power Solutions,  Advertising & Branding etc. In providing water solutions we would be in a position to convert  Sea Water to Fresh Water. We would also upgrade Branding to International Standards. Our team of electrical engineers and creative team have more than 14 years of combined experience in the Engineering sector, Branding, creative fields and events. We are easy to work with, and able to serve you with the confidence that comes with consistent and reliable support. Team members will work with your staff, or as a turn-key operation, to accomplish your objectives.  


  An exceptional team of solution-based specialists will focus on your business and technical objectives, and provide innovative solutions. Team members will listen and learn in order to develop a solid understanding of your needs.   To increase cost-effectiveness through combined efforts, you will be offered the flexibility to select key services and identify work items that can be performed by your staff.   Efficiency of resources will provide results with a timeline tailored to your schedule. Knowledge of utility systems and operations provides a competitive edge and facilitates superior service to customers.