Foods Pacific Limited

Foods Pacific Group is one of Fiji's largest family-owned private companies, and has a globally-sourced professional workforce. It has offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom, with regional sales representation throughout the Asia-Pacific area.

 The business started in 1980 and it has grown from strength to strength. The Foods Pacific group includes Pacific Feeds, which is Fiji's leading animal feed company.

 Foods Pacific’s success story started with corned-meat processing and canning, which has been the backbone of the company for many years. Today it produces many different food lines, including ready to eat products, meals, sauces, spices, yoghurts and foodservice products.

The group has launched several international food brands which retail in the mainstream markets of Asia, Pacific, North America and Northern Europe. It is equipped with state of the art facilities for processing and packaging its export products.