MeSovu (Fiji) Pte Ltd

The Logo tells the story of Fiji’s farmed goats producing the main ingredient “Goats Milk”. The lush mountains in a Fijian tapa designed format. Eternal Love for the community creating employment,  support SME’s and encourage female Goat farmers to raise their own herds of Milk Goats. Our goals go beyond simply giving the skin the nourishment it deserves.  We are committed by building a sustainable local supply-chain, delivered by the people of Fiji with  organic ingredients. Our promise is to maintain the environment of our idyllic islands by using eco packaging and green ink. Currently we do source our milk from female farmers who appreciate our  philosophy and practice sustainable methods themselves.

Keeping the initial goal in mind, to create a better future and opportunities for Fiji’s wonderful  people and our planet.
Enjoy your natural MeSovu product from the Fiji Islands. Vinaka vakalevu -Thank you very much.