The Verve Lounge

The Verve Lounge is a a luxurious skin health clinic where we provide our clients with long-lasting results through a non-invasive treatment method to provide the skin with optimised skin health. Feriel Ali is renowned to be one of the leading premium beauty experts in Brisbane. Specialising in skin treatment, combined with proven clinical treatment methods using innovative products and machines. With over 12 years of working with client’s to address their individual skin concerns, Feriel Ali’s experience is highly respected within the industry. We provide clinical results. As a result, clients are pleased to see that after only one treatment, they can see visible and permanent results. Our non-invasive treatments are a fraction of the cost of surgical procedures and our extensive treatment range has something for every different kind of skin concern. The Verve Lounge is the future of the beauty industry, breaking down all beauty stereotypes and educating clients on the importance of enhancing beauty through your own skin.