Firus Marina Investment Limited

  • Lami, Fiji

Firus Marina Investment Limited is a Fish smoking company established here in the Fiji Island. FIRUS are dedicated in providing safe and quality smoked fish anyone has ever tasted.

Firus Marina Investment Limited is a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approved fish smoking and processing facility meaning that FIRUS is committed in processing smoked fishery products under strict hygienic condition to prevent food-borne related illness and at the same time ensure safety and quality of our products is maintained throughout from “farm to folk”.

Like any other food Quality Control Officer, my work was revolved around the implementation and monitoring of our HACCP standards and other food safety management systems/ tools for the sake of maintaining a safe and quality food product and in my case, QUALITY AND SAFE FISHERY PRODUCTS!.

Apart from our HACCP implementation, Firus Marina Investment Limited is also committed in adhering to our local Food Safety, OHS, Fisheries, Environment and other relevant Regulations/Acts and not forgetting our overseas customers market access requirements.

FIRUS Main office is located at Rona Street, Walu Bay.