Te Pā Tū (previously Tamaki Māori Village)
Feast on song, drama, tradition, and divine seasonal kai (cuisine) within our forest Pā (village) blanketed by towering Tawa trees, its blazing bonfires, and forest-formed amphitheatre. 

Te Pā Tū offers 4-hour evening events that change with each season of the maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar.  

Across summer, Tū Te Rā celebrates an abundant harvest, and we explore concepts, rituals, and stories of ancient Māori warfare and peace. 

Throughout winter, Tū Te Ihi marks promise heralded by the arrival of the Matariki star cluster which high and bright in winter skies, signalling the new lunar year – we share the energy and passion of this celebration. 

Cultural knowledge unique to each season is shared from the outset – rituals, songs, stories and continue across the night. From the beginning too, we share local, seasonal kai -  plentiful and delicious. Kai horotai (indigenous canapes) is followed by a torch lit walk to a lavish 3-course fusion feast. 

Our world famous traditional hāngi shares the table with other seasonal delicacies. Meats, foraged plants, seafood, local produce are prepared in a fusion of cooking techniques, Māori and global. All our kai draws purpose and inspiration from Māori flavours, healing properties, history, heroes.