Fittings and Fitters Pte Limited

  • 21 Bouwalu Street, Lautoka, Fiji

We are Fittings and Fitters Pte Limited – Lautoka, Fiji

Fittings and Fitters PTE Limited – Lautoka, Fiji. Our name suggests SALES & SERVICE. We specialize in industrial fittings, all types of bolts and nuts and the most trusted SKF Bearings. Conveniently located at 21 Bouwalu Street, Namoli Industrial, we are always ready to serve our clients’ needs at any time of the day or night.

Our clients are our priority so we are always available to your convenient.

We also wholesale and retail cosmetics, stationary and other household items.

General Industrial Spares, Sales & General Maintenance of:
- Hydraulics
- Pneumatics
- Generators
- Compressors
- -Pumps
- SKF Bearings
- Bolts and Nuts