Pacific Recycling Foundation

The Pacific Recycling Foundation (PRF) will be a rights-based organization which will be of direct assistance to hundreds of people involved in some sort of waste collection through informal means (for instance women waste pickers involved in the collection of recyclables from dumpsites). This will include mapping and registration of informal waste pickers groups in Fiji for Yr. 1 and then create a regional network of waste picker associations throughout the Pacific region.

PRF will also actively be involved in creating awareness on recycling and its impact.

The foundation has over the years worked very closely with our women informal waste pickers in the greater Lautoka area specifically focused on the Vunato settlement.

While the foundation has only recently been registered as a charitable trust, our founders have had more than 16 years of experience in waste management and gender while currently managing a waste recycling company that has over 28 years of experience in the waste sector.

Aside from working with informal waste pickers, our key focus areas will be in active awareness and participation in best practices of recycling, waste & recycling management in rural areas, development of recycling ambassadors within the school systems.

We will also bridge the gap between the waste picking sectors and the various CSOs and Government bodies to ensure that these waste pickers are recognized and accredited for their work.