Concrete Solutions Fiji

A specialist in all things concrete, Concrete Solutions (Fiji) Limited has been in operation since 2005 with its services ranging from procuring and laying of all types of concrete, to civil works, and light domestic to major high rise works.

Concrete Solutions is unique in that they are the only exclusively licensed ‘Sika approved applicator’, in the Fiji Islands. The Sika brand is a special type of concrete repair system, which is accredited with worldwide certification. What gives the ‘Sika’ range further credibility, is the fact that all products once certified by Concrete Solutions; are protected under warranty by way of the ‘Sika Act’Additionally, we also undertake the full range of “Waterproofing Systems” New Zealand products which includes tanking membrane, torch on, bentonite etc.

We employ more than 30 people and are comprised of an associated between Engineered Building Systems, Engineered designs and Concrete Solutions itself.