Neel Shivam Lawyers

Neel Shivam Lawyers ("the Firm") was founded by Neel Shivam in 2004.


Today, Neel Shivam Lawyers is all about innovation. The Firm in consultation with its staff and clients has developed new ways to foster client relationships and this has been achieved by building trusted advisor status with clients, offering competitive pricing for value of work and keeping abreast with the latest in technological offerings.


The Firm has a strong team of skilled and experienced personnel and professionals. Each staff member is motivated and trained to ensure that clients are regularly updated on matters and offered timely and quality responses/solutions. More importantly, the Firm’s Managing Partner, Neel Shivam ensures his availability to engage with clients so that he is able to get regular ‘feedbacks’ from clients on the quality of services offered and to recognize individual needs of clients.


Whilst Neel Shivam Lawyers maintains its primary focus on areas such as real property, conveyancing, general civil litigation, commercial / corporate law, and banking and finance, the Firm's practice has gradually extended to other areas of Law such as corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property.


The Firm regularly advises and represents public and investment companies, investors, venture capital providers and private companies in a wide range of transactional, compliance and regulatory matters related to their respective businesses.


Neel Shivam Lawyers is open to new ideas and opportunities. It has ‘tweaked’ its services and products to suit client individuality and needs.


Undoubtedly, Neel Shivam Lawyers has and will continue to deliver the best in legal services and support to its valued clients.