Office of the Auditor General

The Auditor-General is mandated under section 152 of the 2013 Constitution to perform the following functions:

a) At least once in every year, inspect, audit and report to Parliament the public accounts of the State, the control of public money and public property of the State and all transactions with or concerning the public money or public property of the State.

b) In the report, the Auditor-General must state whether, in his opinion, transactions with or concerning public money or public property of the State have been authorized by or pursuant to this Constitution or any written law; and expenditure has been applied to the purpose for which it was authorised.

c) A written law may make further provision in relation to the Office of the Auditor-General and may confer further functions and power on the Auditor.

d) In the performance of his duties, the Auditor-General or a person authorised by him has access to all records, books, vouchers, stores or other government property in the possession or control of any person or authority.