Graduate Women (Fiji)

Graduate Women (Fiji) is a voluntary and non-profit organisation of women graduates working to promote lifelong education, to improve the status of women and girls and to enable women to effect positive change for a peaceful world.

Graduate Women (Fiji) or GWF was founded in 1983 as The Fiji Association of Women Graduates (FAWG) by women graduates living in Suva, to promote the quality of life of women and girls. On July 12, 2014, the GWF Western branch was established in Lautoka for graduate women who are based in Lautoka and Nadi.

Our commitments are: 
  • To further the development of education for women;
  • To improve the status of women and children;
  • To protect human rights;
  • To promote peace.
To achieve this we:
  •  Encourage and support members to undertake higher education or further studies;
  • Foster understanding, international cooperation and friendship among women graduates, irrespective of race. Nationality, religion, or political opinions;
  • Undertake advocacy and consultancies for the solution of problems in areas of public life and participate in decision –making at local, national and international levels;
  • Sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, research, projects and training programmes.