Naya Savera Fiji

Naya Savera

Naya Savera means a new horizon and Shanti Dut means messenger of peace. In current trying times, everyone, young or old needs peace and a new beginning in aspects of life. Naya Savera publication in Fiji and Shanti Dut in Sydney aims to bring the change in our readers in good faith. It focuses to instil in every reader a sense of role and responsibilities within the community.

On Naya Savera, The Shanti Dut speaks to you like a friend and a guide that covers a wide range of topics including current affairs, informative articles, career, Sports and entertainment. It will also give all the insights on issues relating to teen life, relationships, fashion and trends, health, culture, festivals, philosophy, and much more! Every Naya Savera and each Shanti Dut will bring along the various topics like science, geography, biography, children's corner, recipes, your letters, your monthly horoscope with penpal section.

In a colourful magazine format, Naya Savera and Shanti Dut will focus on interesting happenings of the month which may be otherwise difficult to comprehend, be it political, business or cultural issues. It will continue to be a monthly publication!!