The Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development and National Disaster Management is mandated to establish an Integrated Development Structure at Divisional level to effectively manage the coordination and implementation of development in Fiji's rural sector in line with the national direction of the Government for Rural and Outer Islands Development. In doing so, the Ministry is responsible for the establishment of Divisional Development Boards and Provincial Development Boards which will be the consultative and planning forums for development in the rural areas. The Ministry is also responsible for Disaster Risk Management. The Ministry will align to the intent of the Government to promote growth, reduce poverty and address rural to urban drift through the provision of basic social amenities and incentives for increasing incomes from farming and marine resources. The role of the Ministry is to oversee the overall achievement of its vision - "A Better Fiji for All" through building the Integrated Rural Development Framework for productive, progressive, safe and resilient communities in Fiji. This approach will encourage the increased contribution of rural economies to the export sector by improving land utilization and infrastructure development, as well as encouraging domestic production for food security and import substitution.