QIT Pacific

The QIT Pacific company was established in Fiji by Phill Glindemann, Chris Madsen and Kris Kumar in 2018. QIT Pacific is a subsidiary company of QIT Plus. Our team of coding professionals build cross-platform, mobile-ready solutions and integration services in the latest .Net technologies. Today we are recognised as leaders in our field and continue to be described as the benchmark by which all other software companies should be measured.

The Guardian software suite provides intuitive disaster management software and incident management solutions. Guardian IMS is developed using MVC 6 .NET technologies, backbone JS and Web API 2.0. This software works on any browser-based system it is a cross-platform, modular design with quick and easy cloud-based deployment.

Highly qualified developers form the majority of our team. Our focus is on delivering effective solutions that operators find easy to use. Our support personnel have extensive experience in the national frameworks for Incident and Emergency Management and they are engaged as specialists during disaster activation.

We have been in business for more than 10 years. We have held contracts with Queensland Local and State Government throughout this time and we have never lost a client from initial engagement. The depth and breadth of services to support client requirements whilst remaining flexible to tailoring of solutions to meet unique client requirements.