Post Fiji Limited commenced as an entity from 1 July 1996. It is registered and incorporated under the Companies Act as a private company with the shareholding wholly owned by the Government of Fiji. A Board of Directors, nominated by Government, leads the company. Post Fiji's core activities are message communication in letters, and distributing courier and parcel items. It also provides stamps, financial transactions, telegram services and just recently, data processing and mail production services called Smartmail.

Post Fiji is responsible for the collection, processing and delivery of letters, parcels and urgent documents to some 66,000 letterboxes and some 15,000 residential addresses in Fiji. The Post and Telecommunications Decree 1989 gives Post Fiji the sole authority to convey letters from one place to another and to perform all the incidental services of accepting, receiving, collecting and delivering letters. In all other products and services, Post Fiji operates in competitive markets.