The Crab Company (Fiji)

We are a unique enterprise that specialises in the production of live mud crabs for the growing Pacific seafood market. Established in 2009, we began our own hatchery operations in mid-2011.

Our hatchery facility is leased from the University of the South Pacific and based at the University’s Marine Campus in Suva. The young crablets are produced here and then they are taken to the company farm in Navua for up to 8 months to acquire a marketable size.

Small quantities of wild mud crabs are also purchased from local fishers for fattening and resale to the local markets. As a new industry in Fiji and the region, we are fortunate to have the best hatchery and culture techniques available from our highly-skilled personnel from Philippines and Australia.

Today, we supply crabs to major hotels in Fiji such as Sofitel, The Fijian, Hilton, Pearl, and the Wakaya Island Resort. We have also received orders for our crabs from supermarkets in Nauru and Marshall Islands and interest has also been shown by Korean and Australian importers for larger quantities. It is our aim to provide the best in tasty crabs to all of our customers.