Water Authority of Fiji

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF or Water Authority) is a new Commercial Statutory Authority (CSA). It was established by the Government of Fiji to provide efficient and effective water and wastewater services in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. The WAF Promulgation 2007 was effected for this purpose.

The Government of Fiji started reforming the Water and Sewerage Department in 2009. The objective of this reform was to enhance the sustainable delivery of water and sewerage services to appropriate levels of service. The reform aimed at strengthening the then Water and Sewerage Department (WSD) before establishing the Water Authority of Fiji, which is dedicated to the delivery of water supply and sewerage services, autonomous and be able to mobilise the necessary resources to meet the demand, effectively and efficiently at required quality standards.

From January, 1, 2010, WAF officially took over responsibilities, functions and operations previously carried out by WSD. 

The first few years of operations are key to establishing the most effective culture and mix of people, processes, procedures, governance, equipment, policies and monitoring and reporting.2015 will be WAF's sixth year in operation.

WAF is responsible for providing access to quality drinking water and waste water services to over 144,000 residential and non-residential metered customers residing largely in urban areas and also setting up water supply systems in rural schemes, reaching over 700,000 people nationwide. 

Our area of operation covers 18,274 square kilometres of the 332 islands in the Fiji archipelago of which only 110 islands are inhabited and our current water and wastewater network constitutes more than 4313 kilometres of pipes.

We supply about 116,342 mega litres of treated water annually to homes and businesses nationwide.