Fiji Higher Education Commission

1. To register and regulate higher education institutions according to provisions of the Promulgation; 2. To foster and safeguard the national interest, the interest of students and parents and also of local higher education providers; 3. To establish national standards for different qualifications; 4. To oversee the review process of higher education institutions; 5. To provide assurances that programmes developed by institutions meet national standards; 6. To promote the development of Fiji as a knowledge society; 7. To allocate government funds marked for higher education annually for higher education institutions according to a transparent and well publicized criteria for allocation; 8. To foster cooperation among higher education institutions and linkages between higher education institutions and industry; 9. To maintain a database of higher education information; 10. To develop or cause to be developed an academic broadband facility for use by higher education institutions;11. To make recommendations to the Minister with respect to issues consistent with its functions including special projects. 

Fiji Higher Education Commission Suva, Fiji
Jun 24, 2021
The Fiji Higher Education Commission (Commission) aims to ensure that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) pursue an indispensable level of quality, excellence, and relevance in post-secondary education that is globally competitive and internationally recognised. The Commission seeks to appoint a suitably qualified, dynamic, and self-driven  Project Officer – National Information Centre  to be based in Suva.  Please click here to download the Project Officer– National Information Centre’s Job Description. This position reports directly to the Senior Manager, Operations & Quality Assurance and is responsible for the management of information on the Fijian Education System and its distribution within the FHEC and externally to its stakeholders as prescribed by the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (2011) also known as the “Tokyo Convention”. Key Responsibilities:...