Fiji Higher Education Commission

1. To register and regulate higher education institutions according to provisions of the Promulgation; 2. To foster and safeguard the national interest, the interest of students and parents and also of local higher education providers; 3. To establish national standards for different qualifications; 4. To oversee the review process of higher education institutions; 5. To provide assurances that programmes developed by institutions meet national standards; 6. To promote the development of Fiji as a knowledge society; 7. To allocate government funds marked for higher education annually for higher education institutions according to a transparent and well publicized criteria for allocation; 8. To foster cooperation among higher education institutions and linkages between higher education institutions and industry; 9. To maintain a database of higher education information; 10. To develop or cause to be developed an academic broadband facility for use by higher education institutions;11. To make recommendations to the Minister with respect to issues consistent with its functions including special projects.