Jacks Manufacturing Limited

Jack’s Manufacturing Limited was set up in 1992 to design and produce unique handicrafts, tapa and wood products including burls and turnings for the retail business. Today, a Fijian Made certified company, the company has also diversified into construction and manufacturing divisions, offering custom built furniture, joinery and shop fittings, as well as full-time engineering services including fabrication, welding and steel machining.

Jack’s Manufacturing is responsible for all Jack’s Group of Companies internal renovation and extension projects from designing and constructing shop fittings to flooring and full electrical works.

Jack’s Manufacturing employs over 200 people with the central workshop located just outside of Nadi town at Navo, on a 10-acre block of land that includes handicraft manufacturing, joinery and construction workshop and stores, lumber yard, electrical, mechanical and engineering services.

Jack’s Manufacturing has completed a number of projects across commercial, retail, hospitality, residential and community sectors. Some of our most recently completed projects include full refurbishment including joinery at DoubleTree Resort on Sonaisali Island, full construction of Brijlal’s Vatuwaqa Warehouse and major stainless steel works at Momi Bay Resort.