Future Forests Fiji

Future Forests (Fiji) Ltd was established in 2005 and is Fiji’s first forest plantation company to specialise in the growth and utilisation of Teak and other tree species of high commercial value, such as Mahogany, Vesi and Yasi/Sandalwood.Fiji has a long history of Teak timber trials commencing in 1945 when Burmese Teak genetics were imported by the Commonwealth Forestry Department. These trials remained untended for the following 60 years, nonetheless they proof that Teak thrives in the fertile soils and tropical climate of Fiji. We offer Contract Planting and Contract Plantation Management services and sell tree seedlings to promote the establishment of forests and replanting of logged areas nationwide. It is our policy to plant sustainably on underutilised, old farming land and to preserve native forests.

We are a public company listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.