Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited

FCDCL aspires to proliferate the supply of excellent quality raw milk to reduce the volume of imported milk and also make available supplement feed, drugs and farm implements to farmers in order to improve their livelihood.

FCDCL is the principal supplier of raw milk for processing in Fiji. FCDCL buys milk as per the quality grades and sells it to FDL. The aggregate cost of each grade milk varies due to its quality. Our Quality Assurance expertise assures that farmers are maintaining clean milking environment, Farm hygiene, and water reticulation.

Our extended service is dairy advisory. Its function is to promote good dairy farm practices which not only examine the quality but also the agreeable quantity of the produce Milk. The Maintenance Division manages engineering function such as electrical, refrigeration and welding services. They also monitor the infrastructure of chilling centers to avoid any factor which may damage Milk quality. For example, Repair of refrigerated VATS at the Bulk Suppliers, Repair of milk pumps and milk separators, Repair of leaking cans ordering and storage of farm parts. Repair and maintenance of power generators and Installation of the milking shed equipment and parts.