Kramer Ausenco (Fiji) Ltd

The Kramer Ausenco (Fiji) office is the centre of excellence for Building Services Engineering.  We have local expertise in all forms of building services engineering including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, fire (wet and dry), security and Environmentally Sustainable Design.  Although we offer all services including civil, structural and project management we provide building services engineering to the other Kramer Ausenco offices across the Pacific.

We are the largest building services consultant in Fiji.  We have a strong presence locally working on significant Social Infrastructure Projects including Health, Local Government and Tertiary Education.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our documentation and the exceptional service we offer clients locally.

We work closely with the local Universities to assist with graduate development and employment programs for up and coming engineers.  We are actively involved in community based projects and support local charities across all areas in Fiji.

Part of the specialist services we offer our clients locally includes Ecologically Sustainable Design Initiatives led by our Group Building Services Manager and office manager who is a Green Star Accredited Professional with the Australian Green Building Council.

Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) seeks to create buildings that lessen the environmental impacts of the built environment, that save money, and that result in healthier environments in which to live, work and learn. Achieving this relies on the whole life cycle of a building – its design, construction, commissioning, operation and eventual deconstruction – being considered from the earliest project stages.

Buildings that embrace this approach are often called ‘Green Buildings’. The design of a green building involves selecting the most appropriate of these ESD initiatives as well as others that may arise, to create a cost effective, high performance, healthy building.

The inclusion of ESD principles in the building planning and design offers the benefits of an enhanced working environment, improved quality of life and customer satisfaction with the provision of:

  •  Building flexibility and the potential to cater for user changes in the future
  •  Desirable natural and social environments
  •  Efficient use of resources and energy

This service can be offered if required to provide value to the project and ensure a “Green building” is adopted during the pre-planning and planning phases.