Project Assistant

$1,200 - $1,400 monthly
  • Taiwan ICDF
  • 88 Amy Street, Toorak, Suva
  • Jul 17, 2024
Part time Health Care & Medical

Job Description & Skills/Qualifications Required

The Position

This exciting role lets you contribute to the "Strengthening Digital Healthcare for NCDs & COVID-19 in Fiji" project. You'll support the project manager by handling administrative tasks, liaising with primary healthcare facilities (arranging meetings, coordinating logistics, and building relationships), and assisting with app installation training for upskilling healthcare professionals. This dynamic opportunity offers valuable experience in primary healthcare, relationship building within the healthcare community, and professional growth in project management, communication, and administration. WITH LIMITED TRAVELING TO THE HEALTH FACILITIES IN THE CENTRAL, WESTERN, EASTERN AND NORTHERN DIVISIONS.

Key Responsibilities

 This position plays a vital role in equipping healthcare professionals with the tools and knowledge to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), COVID-19, and Long COVID. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Developing and delivering training programs for the installation and utilization of a new digital tool focused on NCDs, COVID-19, and Long COVID management.
  2. Promoting the digital tool to strengthen care capacity for these conditions at the primary healthcare level within designated pilot sites.
  3. Contributing to a rehabilitation project (details can be added if available).
  4. Providing administrative support to Ministry of Health & Medical Services officers and stakeholders involved in the project.
  5. Assisting with conducting community-based NCDs, COVID-19, and Long COVID trainings and surveys to ensure project effectiveness.
  6. Organizing and managing logistics for staff and participants of project activities, including workshops and meetings, at primary healthcare facilities.

 Key Performance Indicators

Performance will be measured through the following indicators:

  1. Training & Capacity Building:
    • Number of healthcare professionals trained on the digital tool for NCDs, COVID-19, and Long COVID.
    • Percentage of participants demonstrating proficiency in using the digital tool (as measured by a post-training assessment).
  2. Digital Tool Adoption:
    • Number of primary healthcare facilities successfully implementing the digital tool for NCDs, COVID-19, and Long COVID management (at designated pilot sites).
    • Increased utilization of the digital tool by healthcare professionals, as tracked by data collected through the platform.
  3. Project Efficiency & Impact:
    • Timely completion of project deliverables (e.g., training materials, logistics arrangements) within established timelines.
    • Positive feedback received from project stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of training, support provided, and overall project execution.

 The Person

Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Public Health,  or a related field (or equivalent qualification).

Knowledge and Experience

  1. Experience in designing, planning, implementing, and administering training programs.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of primary healthcare and health promotion concepts.
  3. Experience working in public health or a related field, such as non-communicable diseases (NCDs), is a strong asset.
  4. Previous experience with NCDs, COVID-19, and Long COVID management is a plus.
  5. Experience working in a primary healthcare facility is a plus.
  6. Willingness and openness to adopting new digital tools..

Skills and Abilities

  1. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with a strong attention to detail.
  2. Proven ability to work effectively within a team environment.
  3. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite programs.
  4. Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  5. Excellent training development, delivery, and evaluation skills.
  6. Service-oriented approach with a commitment to supporting the operational needs of the organization.y. Excellent data analysis and reporting skills.
  7. Experience working with stakeholders at various levels.

Job Functions

Activities Coordinator /Manager, Administrative Officers, Programme & Project Management


Healthcare & Medical



Job open to:

Fiji Residents Only

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