Assistant Programmer HIS

$2,000 - $2,400 monthly
  • Taiwan ICDF
  • 88 Amy Street, Toorak, Suva
  • Jul 17, 2024
Full time Information & Web Technology

Job Description & Skills/Qualifications Required

Overview of the Project

The "Strengthening Digital Healthcare for Community Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and COVID-19 in Fiji" project aims to enhance healthcare through digital solutions. This initiative, implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), USAID, and the TaiwanICDF, brings together field experts and institutions to collaborate with Fiji’s IT personnel in developing a case management system for NCDs and COVID-19. The project also involves training primary healthcare facility personnel to utilize these digital tools, thereby strengthening their capabilities in patient tracking and case management of NCDs, COVID-19, and morbidities associated with long COVID.

Overview of the Specific Area

The MHMS IT Unit under Research, Innovation, Data Analysis, Management and IT Dvision manages the entire computer network infrastructure and the health information applications of the Ministry together with all the servers and maintenance of the Ministry website.


The Position

The Assistant Programmer HIS will design, develop, and maintain software solutions that play a vital role in delivering healthcare services and managing patient information. Reporting to the TaiwanICDF and SHINSoft Co., Ltd, based in the IT Unit at MHMS, the Assistant Programmer HIS will ensure that the products are innovative, user-friendly, and compliant with digital health standards, thereby significantly impacting healthcare services. This role involves close collaboration with the TaiwanICDF, SHINSoft Co., Ltd, MHMS IT team, and relevant stakeholders to perform various tasks, including tracking NCD HIS issues and ensuring timely resolution, systems analysis and requirements gathering, software development and programming, system integration and interoperability, testing and quality assurance, system maintenance and support, documentation and training, and ensuring compliance and security.

This role supports the project "Strengthening Digital Healthcare for Community Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and COVID-19 in Fiji," focusing primarily on server maintenance. Responsibilities include Maintaining three servers, ensuring compliance with Fiji's regulations during server transfers to ITC, acting as a seed instructor, and being proficient with App operations to educate primary facility health workers.

This role ensures the seamless operation of IT services, focusing on server management, security, and performance optimization.


Key Responsibilities

 The position will achieve its purpose through the following key duties. Working with relevant staff and service providers, in accordance with legislative requirements:

  1. Conduct and administer health information system trainings at various health facilities, monitor usage, data entry, and competency.
  2. Conduct audits for health information usage and compile audit reports for analysis.
  3. Procure and manage inventory for health information systems and consumables, including printers, laminating machines, and other equipment.
  4. Upload data into the health information system upon request and verify HIS database backups.
  5. Provide HIS user and system support, ensuring the availability of Free Medicine and ICT.
  6. Assist in data cleaning and other tasks as assigned by supervisors.
  7. Research and innovate new ideas and technologies to enhance healthcare services in Fiji.
  8. Contribute to Ministry requirements, including planning, budgeting, and selection activities.
  9. Collaborate with TaiwanICDF partner SHINSoft Ltd. Co. Project Manager and IT manager in MHMS.
  10. Receive training from SHINSoft Ltd. Co. as seed instructors for system management and maintenance.
  11. Promote digital tools to strengthen care for NCDs, COVID-19, and long COVID at the primary healthcare level.
  12. Monitor server performance and ensure system availability and reliability, troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly.
  13. Comply with relevant legislation, guidelines, and policies, adhering strictly to the Civil Servant Code of Conduct.

 Key Performance Indicators

Performance will be measured through the following indicators:

  1. Planning and execution of HIS activities, including trainings, ward audits, and ensuring software and hardware availability in health facilities.
  2. Smooth deployment of HIS in all health facilities on Govnet.
  3. Efficient delivery of training to all health employees required to work with HIS and relevant interfacing applications.
  4. Provision of quality reports and services, with timely and effective action on outcomes.
  5. Active participation in the corporate activities of the Ministry as required.
  6. Maintenance of servers and timely installation of the App.
  7. Assistance with education, training, and troubleshooting for App and webpage operation.
  8. Regular system upgrades, patches, and security updates.
  9. Submission of monthly server maintenance and system error reports.

 Knowledge and Experience

  1. At least 2-3 years, with proven experience in systems analysis, design, development, administration, integration, and data management.
  2. Experience using SQL, C#, C++, PHP, Visual Basics, JAVA or similar programming language.
  3. Experience in developing mobile App and development knowledge like flutter, and Android studio or similar App development IDE tools.
  4. Able to work on servers, databases and applications and an in-depth knowledge in Software Development Lifecycle, experience in writing script for ETL.
  5. Experience in managing changes in the system and deploy in UAT, staging and production servers.
  6. Experience in scheduling work assignments, settings priorities, tracking, monitoring, reporting, and giving direction to subordinates.
  7. Experience in developing training materials, conducting and evaluating user trainings, conducting and documenting user acceptance testing.
  8. Knowledge on new technologies that can be used to strengthen health information systems.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Strong organisational and technical skills, including multitasking and time-management.
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills to convey technical information to diverse audiences, including healthcare professionals, IT teams, stakeholders, and senior management.
  3. Adaptability to rapidly changing project requirements, priorities, and environments, with the ability to adjust plans and strategies accordingly.
  4. Attention to detail and a commitment to supporting the operational and corporate environment of the organisation
  5. Building and implementing new development tools and infrastructure.
  6. Collaborating with local and overseas teams to deliver IT service to local users.
  7. System Security and Maintenance: Maintaining servers to required levels of availability, capacity, and security.

Job Functions

IT Officers and Analysts, Software Developers, Web & Interaction Design


Healthcare & Medical



Job open to:

Fiji Residents Only

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