Capelle and Partner is a very successful and profitable family owned business that has operated continuously for over 50 years. We are the largest trader in the Central pacific island of Nauru. The main business arm is a large supermarket and homewares business adjacent to a mini mall located all on the same site a retail bakery, a café, the island’s biggest licensed liquor store, a fishing tackle store, a salon and a well-stocked hardware outlet. In addition to the above we also have a fleet of hire vehicles, recently refurbished long and short term stay accommodation facilities, a vehicular and marine workshop and a fleet of modern fishing vessels which are available for charter.

We have approximately 250 employees and 60 of those employees are expatriate workers from countries such as Philippines, India, Fiji, Kiribati, Australia, New Zealand and more.

With regards to accommodation, health insurance, holidays, airfares and work permits, I have attached a sample contract from previous staff recruited from Philippines as a reference for your perusal; of course this will be altered to suit your agency once up and running. Our salaries offered are justified on the job description.

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