Frezco Beverages Fiji

Established in 1999, Frezco Beverages Limited is a current market leader in premium bottled water products and carbonated drinks. 

The companies origins started when its present owner, Altaaf Mohammed, took over the well known “POPS” brand of carbonated drinks which had long been sold throughout Fiji for almost  twenty five years.  When Altaaf took over this family  owned business, it was struggling to survive in the economic climate of the time, several military coups and a wealth of new competition had all taken an eventual toll on the brand.  But being something of a visionary, Altaaf saw new opportunities to expand this established brand, and recognising new trends such as the growing desire for health drinks and bottled water, he invested in the company;  and using the “POPS” brand, combined with other products including his own “Bula Noni” label , he literally  tapped into a whole new market and the company  surged forwards into the new millennium.  

The quality of his products, combined with the dedication and commitment of his staff to the Frezco brand meant the company saw incredible growth in just a few short years.  Following refinement of their bottling operations and Altaaf’s ability to employ only the best people, Frezco Beverages quickly formed a worldwide network of distributors, all firmly dedicated to the brand and the growth potential of its products. The popularity of the Noni products especially, was amazing, and in an amazingly short time Altaaf had built a niche market for the company with its long term future now assured.

Now, Frezco Beverages Limited distribute and market their products in over seven countries worldwide, and through his vision and acumen, Altaaf has turned a small family owned company into a globally successful market leader.  Frezco still produce the original “POPS” brand of carbonated drinks which prove as popular as ever, the “FIJIAN NONI” brand has far exceeded sales expectations, and in addition Frezco are now the driving force behind the hugely successful “AQUA PACIFIC” range of natural mineral waters, which are sold both as a bottled product and now also in Dispensers which have proved incredibly popular in large companies who insist on giving their employees one of the most natural and healthiest  mineral waters available today.