MMG Communications

MMG Communications is a New Zealand registered broadcast and communications business which owns and operates internet service providers (ISP’s) in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

MMG is also a technology integrator and has designed and installed multiple broadcast and Telecom related sites in the Pacific Islands. MMG is privately owned and has extensive relationships across the region and continues to supply satellite, fibre and fixed wireless internet, managed services and power solutions to Government, enterprise and the corporate residential segment in PNG and New Zealand. As an engineering and TV production company we have been behind projects such as 2019 Pacific Games and the establishment of TV for Tuvalu and Kiribati.

We have also been involved with digital migration projects for Vanuatu, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. Our IPTV arm in PNG supplies content in IP to the hospitality market and Telikom TV PNG while our DVBT2 digital UHF service provides over twenty channels to several hotels.

In New Zealand we continue to supply satellite internet and managed services to farms, rural businesses and residential properties and continue to pursue support emergency internet to organisations like Land Search and Rescue in Oxford, Canterbury and Rangitikei District Council in Manawatu.