CDP Services Pte Ltd

  • Lami, Fiji

CDP Courier ( Couriers Documents and Parcels Services Ltd) -Fiji’s First Local Courier Company, established 1975
• CDP’s core business is Domestic courier and has over 45 years of experience.
• CDP cover 70% of the domestic courier market • CDP provides courier services to all banks in Fiji • CDP provides courier to various businesses ,all banks ,and all major corporations throughout Fiji. We have also been awarded FNPF tender as the preferred courier.
• CDP own and operates over 140 vehicles • All CDP vehicles are fully paid ( no mortgage or lease) • CDP employs over 180 staff
• CDP does not use taxi, carriers or public transport to deliver or pickup any courier materials. • CDP is the only Courier Company in Fiji operating 24 hours a day. • CDP has goods and transit insurance cover of $100,000 for each vehicle.
• CDP has a fully integrated consignment tracking and accounting system. • All CDP delivery and pick up vehicles are fitted with custom built secure canopies.
• CDP has priority seats on flights
• CDP have been providing distribution services for Majority Aid organisations in Fiji for over 40
years, including Red Cross Fiji.