DT Global

  • Suva, Fiji

DT Global, a new independent international development consulting firm. DT Global provides a continuum of support along the development spectrum in five principal development areas: Economic Growth, Environment & Infrastructure, Human Development, Governance, and Stabilization & Transition. With corporate offices in the USA, Spain, and Australia, DT Global’s portfolio spans more than 90 countries, with dedicated project offices in 31 countries and over 700 talented technical experts in every region of the world. The DT Global family – made up of DT Global, the non-profit DT Institute, and the GPD Charitable Trust – represents an international cadre of development practitioners with technical expertise to deliver innovative solutions across sectors. This worldwide presence enables DT Global to rapidly mobilize resources and adapt programming for greater impact. DT Global is pioneering a new way of doing international development and transforming lives beyond expectation. For more information, visit www.dt-global.com.