Pacific Centrecom Fiji Limited

We have a 25 year history of service excellence in customer services for the aviation industry (alongside many others) and know how to run customer service centres exceptionally well. Our strengths encompass IT infrastructures, voice technology, call centre operations, back office services and specific aviation industry applications such as reservations, ticketing, refunds, customer support, baggage services, loyalty programmes, crisis management, complaint management, medical coordination and flight disruption management.

We have worked with many companies who outsource for reasons pertaining to infrastructure and cost and have successfully turned a network of cost-centres into a consolidated profit centre, then transformed it into a thriving business. 


Ethics and integrity

Pacific Centrecom is a trustworthy, honourable company with which many airlines and hospitality companies in the aviation industry are proud to be associated. We offer open-book pricing, complete cost transparency, fair terms of trading and a commitment to making our business partners successful. That’s how we’ve stayed in business for so long.

Pacific Centrecom Limited has recently consolidated its offering into three lines of business offering solutions to a number of industries.